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william vasquez, Director


The District Maintenance Department is responsible for repairing and maintaining approximately 2.3 million square feet of classrooms and buildings, 120 acres of turf and 12 swimming pools. Our goal is to provide a safe environment and excellent service to all of our students and staff throughout the District.

Please contact the office staff if you need assistance or further information.


William Vasquez

Phone: 909-988-8511 Ext 2530

Sonia Scott

Phone: 909-988-8511 Ext 2531

Mithra Stafford
Clerical Specialist

Phone: 909-988-8511 Ext 2532


Maintenance Personnel


Trades Manager  
Rory Nevins  
Construction/Skilled Maintenance Electric
Pablo Esqueda, Lead Worker Michael Bolin, Electrician
TBA, Skilled Maintenance Greg Auten, Electrician
Randy Mark, Skilled Maintenance David Burk, Electrician
Bryan Milligan, Skilled Maintenance Oscar Esparza, Electrician
Tim Rangel, Skilled Maintenance Mike Longazo, Electronics Technician
John Sanchez, Skilled Maintenance Richard Vargas, Electrician
Andrew Vasquez, Skilled Maintenance Matt Laing, Electronics Technician
Pete Garcia, Skilled Maintenance  
HVAC Maintenance Workers 
Ray Scheirer, Lead Worker Frank Herrera
Troy Love, HVAC Mechanic John White 
John Salce, HVAC Mechanic Gabrielle Petrocelli Jr.
Mike Steely, HVAC Worker Ryan Gutierrez
Ryan Way, HVAC Mechanic Plumbing/Irrigation
Matt Lairmore, HVAC Mechanic/Worker Mike Martinez, Lead Plumber
Garrett White, HVAC Mechanic/Worker Steve Franklin, Plumber 
  Al Gallardo, Plumber
Paint/Glass Frank Rocha, Plumber
Jeff Roper, Lead Worker Charles Gage, Irrigation
Bill Guerra, Painter/Glazer Cody Grohe, Irrigation
Ron McCutcheon, Painter/Glazer  
Michael Ellert, Painter/Glazer  
Pool/Grounds Specialty Shop
Eric Henderson, Lead Worker Michael Leander, Lead Worker
Carlos Barba, Mower/Maintenance Worker Robert Rilloraza, Locksmith
Dane Coleman, Pool Technician Tyler Tinnes, Locksmith
Gene Escanuelas, Grounds Foreman James Figueroa, Metal/Locksmith
Ricardo Razo, Mower/Maintenance Worker  
Vince Rinaldi, Pool Technician  
Juan Arizaga, Mower/Maintenance Worker