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Division Structure

Divisions and Departments

The Chaffey District is comprised of three divisions. Each division is overseen by an Assistant Superintendent or a Deputy Superintendent and is responsible for several departments. Each department is supervised by a Director. All divisions and departments report to the Superintendent of the Chaffey Joint Union High School District, Dr.Holton.

The divisions and departments are as follows: 

Superintendent Mathew Holton, Superintendent
Alternative Instruction Division Chris Hollister, Assistant Superintendent
Adult School Todd Haag, Principal
Alternative Studies Julie Prestsater, Principal
Career Readiness Virginia Kelsen, Executive Director
Special Education Kelly Whelan, Director
Business Services Division  Rick Wiersma, Assistant Superintendent
Fiscal Services Tammie Vaught, Chief Fiscal Services Officer
Food Services Debbie Beeson, Director
Maintenance Bobby Slagle, Director
Operations, Planning and Facilities Mike Harrison, Director
Purchasing Donna Rowe, Director
Transportation Brice Sunderland, Director
Instruction Division James Cronin, Assistant Superintendent
Assessment and Research Phil Schuler, Executive Director
Categorical Programs Martin Alvarado, Director
Community Relations Susan Petrocelli, Director
Instructional Development Jessica Kachenchai, Executive Director
IT and Network Operations Mike Bement, Steven Reyes, and Marc Moya, Directors
Lithography Olivia Quintero, Director
Personnel Services Division Kern Oduro, Assistant Superintendent
Personnel Margo Quintanilla, Director
Benefits Information Lisa White, Director
Child Welfare and Attendance Inez Orozco, Director
Equity and Inclusion Lynne Kennedy, Executive Director
Risk Management Jammee Digon, Director
School Safety Robert McCoy, Director