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Fiscal Services Department

Carolyn Corvera, Chief Fiscal Services Officer

Carolyn Cordova

Carolyn Corvera
Chief Fiscal Services Officer
Phone: 909-988-8511 Ext 2690
Email: carolyn.corvera@cjuhsd.net

Alex Diaz

Alex Diaz
Accounting Manager
Phone: 909-988-8511 Ext 2684
Email: alex.diaz@cjuhsd.net

The Fiscal Services Department is dedicated to providing quality fiscal and accounting related services.  Our goal is to provide the schools, community, administrators, staff and the Board of Trustees with timely and accurate financial projections and reporting.  Our main focus is to safeguard and maximize the District’s financial resources in order to support the instructional goals and activities of the District.

The department is led by Carolyn R. Corvera, Chief Fiscal Services Officer (CFSO) and supported by Alex Diaz, Accounting Manager along with 16 accounting professionals.  Chaffey District operates on a budget in excess of $250 Million.  The Fiscal Services department manages all financial functions of the district; which include:  Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Attendance Accounting, Budgeting, Grant Accounting, Payroll and Employee Deduction Processing, California Department of Education fiscal reporting along with oversight of Associated Student Body (ASB) and Parent-Run Booster Club finances.

Fiscal Services works closely with all school sites and departments to assist in accessing resources required to educate the students of Chaffey District.  Fiscal Services conducts trainings and reviews all financial transactions to ensure compliance with the policies and regulations of the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, California Department of Education and the Board of Trustees.

Our division coordinates annual Financial Compliance Audits, which upon completion, are presented to the Board of Trustees for review.  Copies of audit reports are available for review under the “Audit Report” section below.

For questions regarding the documents listed on this page, please contact Ms. Carolyn Corvera, CFSO at (909) 988-8511 Ext 2690 or Ms. Annette Montez, Fiscal Services Secretary at (909) 988-8511 ext. 2691. 

Fiscal Services Staff Directory



Carolyn R. Corvera Chief Fiscal Svcs Officer Fiscal Dept. Oversight, Budgets 2690
Annette Montez Fiscal Services Secretary Deposits, Audit Review Coordination 2691
Alex Diaz Accounting Manager A/P Oversight, Attendance 2684
Regina Terrones Accountant G/L, Facilities Accounting 2523
Accounts Payable      
Sam Barker Account Technician II Vendors A-M 2698
Lourdes Ramirez Account Technician II Vendors N-Z 2646
Ledawn Larsen Account Technician II Maintenance/Transportation, Utility Pymts 2687
Connie Hendrickson Account Technician II Construction/Facilities Pymts/Tiden Coil Projects 2694
Lindsay Spencer Account Technician II Facility Pymnts/Architects/Inspections/Environmental 2520
Maria Solorio Account Technician II Edison/SoCal Gas/Contracts/Travel Claims/Retiree Reim 2693
Elizabeth Villasenor Account Technician I File Clerk/Record Retention/Mail and Warrant Processing 2699
Accounts Receivable      
Lindsay Spencer Account Technician III Accounts Receivables 2520
Pam White Fiscal Analyst Unrestricted Funds/Local Grants, ASB 2686
Pat Tousley Fiscal Analyst Federal Grants 2685
Kim Tyner Fiscal Analyst State Grants, Adult Ed 2695
Shelli Walker Payroll Analyst Classified Contract 2696
Denise Tiberi Payroll Analyst Hourly, Substitutes 2634
Arneta Ward Payroll Analyst Certificated Contract 2697
Karla Oropeza Payroll Analyst Certificated Contract Stipends, W-4 Bank Information, Deductions, Contract Coaching Completions 2692
Karla Oropeza Account Technician II Bank Reconciliations, Appropriation Control, 1099's, W-9, W-2 2692


District Audit Reports
Measure P Audit Reports
2016-2017 Measure P Audit Report
2015-2016 Measure P Audit Report
2014-2015 Measure P Audit Report
2013-2014 Measure P Audit Report
2012-2013 Measure P Audit Report
Financial Reports
Resolution 2013-09 Tier III Flexibility
2012-2013 Education Protection Account Unaudited Actual Expenditures
2013-2014 Education Protection Account
2014-2015 Education Protection Account
2015-2016 Education Protection Account
2016-2017 Education Protection Account
2017-2018 Education Protection Account
2018-2019 Education Protection Account


Interim Reports
2011-2012 First Interim
2011-2012 Second Interim
2012-2013 First Interim
2012-2013 Second Interim
2013-2014 First Interim
2013-2014 Second Interim
2014-2015 First Interim
2014-2015 Second Interim
2015-2016 First Interim
2015-2016 Second Interim
2016-2017 First interim
2016-2017 Second Interim
2017-2018 First Interim
2017-2018 Second Interim


Unaudited Actuals


Booster Club Documents
2017-2018 Booster Club handbook
2017-2018 Booster Club Application
2017-2018 Booster Meeting Agenda
2017-2018 Booster Tax Letter
1099 Information Sheet
Guidelines for Student Fees
Sample Booster Financials and Bylaws
2013-2014 How to Calculate Statutory Benefits


IRS Form W-9 Conference Reimbursement
Federal Withholdings Mileage Reimbursement
State Withholdings TSA, 403b (Roth)
Paycheck Stub Access TSA, 403b (Traditional)


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