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Goals and Commitments

CJUHSD's Goals and Commitments

The Chaffey Joint Union High School District, through a collaborative goal-setting process, has a commitment to work toward specific District-wide Goals every year, in at least two areas:  (1) improving student achievement; and (2) improving classroom instruction. 

To obtain the goals in student achievement, the Superintendent’s Cabinet, along with site principals and site staff, set specific student learning targets for the District, schools, and for subpopulations of students within the District.   

With respect to the goals for classroom instruction, schools work toward an annual broad, but common instructional direction that will increase the consistent use of research-based instructional strategies within each department, at each school.   Each site principal supports and implements the District-wide Goals in student achievement and classroom instruction through a strategic plan that is developed to meet the needs of their students.  The principals meet with, and share their site-specific goals with the Superintendent to determine necessary support and establish measurable outcomes.  Each site receives monitoring, support, and staff development from their principal, staff leaders, and from the Instruction Division throughout the school year.  Following the end of each school year, principals meet with the Superintendent to examine their students’ achievement along with their progress toward site-specific goals and the implementation of a broad, but common instructional direction. 

Four additional Supplemental Goals support the annual primary goals of achievement and instruction.  These Supplemental Goals enable the District to internally provide the structure, resources, and learning environment necessary to assist sites in realizing the District-wide Goals.  The District-wide Goals and Supplemental Goals combined, account for the Chaffey Joint Union High School District’s Annual Goals. 

The Superintendent presents a summary of the Chaffey Joint Union High School District’s accomplishments, areas of concern, and direction to the Board of Trustees and to staff throughout the District each year.