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Staff Directory


Holton, Mathew Superintendent

Assistant Superintendents

Cronin, James Assistant Superintendent
Hollister, Chris Assistant Superintendent
Oduro, Kern Assistant Superintendent
Wiersma, Rick Assistant Superintendent


Alvarado, Martin Director, Catergorical Programs
Beeson, Debbie Director, Food Services
Bement, Mike Director, Information Technology
Corvera, Carolyn Chief Fiscal Services Officer
Digon, Jammee Director, Risk Management
Harrison, Mike Director, Operations, Planning and Facilities
Kachaenchai, Jessica Executive Director, Instructional Development
Kelsen, Virginia Executive Director, Career Readiness
Moya, Marc Director, Technical Support
Orozco, Inez Director, Child Welfare and Attendance
Petrocelli, Susan Director, Community Relations
Quintanilla, Margo Director, Personnel
Quintero, Olivia Director, Lithography
Reyes, Steven Director, Instructional Technology
Rowe, Donna Director, Purchasing
Schuler, Phil Executive Director, Assessment and Research
Slagle, Bobby Director, Maintenance
Sunderland, Brice Director, Transportation
Vaught, Tammie Chief Fiscal Services Officer
Vonderharr, Thomas Director, Network Operations
Whelan, Kelly Director, Special Education
White, Lisa Director, Benefits

District Staff

Abell, Isabel Secretary
Agra, Vickie Food Service Accountant
Baker, Linda Secretary
Baltierra, Marjie Food Services
Batzel, Renee District Staff
Boyd, Cindy Clerical Specialist
Brummel, Mike Project Manager
Burke, Heather Purchasing Assistant
Burns, Heather Instructional Tech Coach
Carrillo, Ana Language Assessor
Carrillo, Nancy Clerical Specialist
Cavanaugh, Benjamin Teacher Support Provider
Cerda, Doss Warehouse
Cerda, Erin Secretary
Cisneros, Al Warehouse
Collisson, Joey Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
Contreras, Breanna Switchboard Operator
Corrow, John (951) 988-8511 ex.2738 Instructional Tech Coach
Crist, Gigi Secretary
Cronin, Catherine Teacher Support Provider
De Fabiis, Tony CSEA President
Deocales, Demoree (909) 988-8511 ex.2734 Instructional Coach: Technology
Diaz, Alex Accounting Manager
Domingo, Michael Network Specialist
Dorough, Patricia (909) 988-8511 ex.2747 Student Information Specialist
Duplessis, Veronica Administrative Assistant
Eaton, Jenny Personnel Technician - Certificated
Eaves, Bridgett Secretary
Esqueda, Anthony Warehouse
Ferguson, Corey Information Services Technician
Ferguson, Karen Personnel Tech - Risk Mgmt
Gallardo, Realani Personnel Assistant
Garcia, Vanessa Personnel
Gates, Tina Information Service Tech
Giron, Rogelio Information Technology Support Specialist
Gutierrez, Gracie Clerical Specialist
Hargrove, Deanna Special Education Dept
Harmon, Georgann Secretary
Harris, Marci Clerical Specialist I
Henderson, Eric Maintenance
Hendrickson, Connie Account Tech II
Herrera, Olga Secretary
Hupman, John Duplicating Equipment Operator
Jimenez, Augustine Transportation
Johnston, Gina Transportation
Kippes, Joette District Staff
Landeros, Lorrina Personnel Tech - Substitutes
Larsen, Ledawn Account Technicican II
Leander, Michael Maintenance
Liu, Paul Information Technology
Magallanes, Elizabeth Administrative Assistant, Alternative Instruction
Magnolia, Christine Personnel Technician - Position Control
Malinowski, Colleen Purchasing
Martinez, Christian Warehouse
Mayer, Tammy Outreach Consultant/Dropout Prevention
Mc Cort, Monica Psychologist
Merkelbach, Dennis Transportation
Meyer, Carol Secretary
Montez, Annette Secretary
Morales, Julian Administrative Assistant, Business
Nava, Gerardo Custodian
Noble, Scott Leadworker, Print Shop
Ochoa, Maria Secretary
Orth, Sherri Transportation
Ortiz-Rodriguez, Lorena Special Education Dept
Petrocelli, Jr., Gabrielle Maintenance Worker
Plew, Mike Psychologist
Pyles, Jonna District Data Analyst
Quintero, Leticia Secretary, Assessment for Learning
Ramirez, Lourdes Account Technician II
Ramirez, Meagan Records Technician
Rangel, Kris Secretary
Regalado, Eva Secretary
Rodriguez, Annette Switchboard Operator
Rodriguez, Manuel Information Technology
Roper, Jeff Maintenance
Roy, Crystal Purchasing Assistant
Sanchez, Isabel Maintenance
Sandello, Tony Warehouse
Santos, Joe Personnel
Scheidemantle, Shari Account Technicican II
Scheirer, Ray Maintenance
Scott, Sonia Secretary
Solorio, Maria Account Technician I & II
Sousa, Amy Educational Technology Specialist
Spencer, Lindsay Account Technicican II
Stevens, John Tech Coach
Tandy, Chris Information Services Technician
Telles, CJ Administrative Assistant
Terrones, Regina Accountant
Tiberi, Denise Payroll Technician
Torres, Paula Tech Coach
Torres, Rosendo Information Services Technician
Tousley, Pat Budget Specialist
Trevino, Gloria Personnel Technician - Classified
Trudgeon, Nicholas (909) 988-8511 ex.2766 Secretary, Student Information Services
Tyner, Kim Budget Specialist
Valdez, Monica EL Coach
Valdez, Robert Warehouse Lead
Vasquez, Billy Maintenance
Villasenor, Elizabeth Specialist - Clerical II
Walker, Shelli Payroll Technician
Ward, Arneta Payroll Technician
Warner, Christine Purchasing Assistant
Weaver, Mike Facilities Project Manager
White, Garrett HVAC Mechanic/Worker
White, Pamela Budget Specialist
Wilde, Troie Transportation
Woodward, Tony Warehouse